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What Makes Carib Tombstones Different?

As you know, our mission is to preserve the legacies of our ancestors via digitized images of tombstones. However, what makes us different than other websites that do the same?

We capture a photo of every tombstone.

Paid photographers go to cemeteries with the goal of capturing an image of every single tombstone.

We provide photos and transcriptions.

Not only do we take a photo of every tombstone in a cemetery, we also provide a transcription service to make searching for these images easier for our members.

We are Caribbean.

The founder of this website is of Jamaican and Barbadian parentage. We hire and pay local Caribbeans for each respective island as photographers and transcribers. That means your membership dollars are going back into the Caribbean community.

We are a small team.

Our team is very small and consists of a handful of people who work to provide you with access to tombstone photos so you can visit a cemetery at the convenience of your home or phone.

We are not volunteer based.

This means that we don’t rely on photo submissions from our members to populate the data on our website. We actively go out and retrieve the information for you. All you have to do is type a name in and hit search!

We are not a nonprofit organization.

This means we don’t receive government grants for the work we do. Although, we do accept donations from those who would like to contribute to our mission.

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