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About Us

About Carib Tombstones

The Carib Tombstones website was founded in an effort to provide a platform for the numerous photos of  tombstones collected by its founder. The photos were originally available in a closed social media group. As the collection grew, it became clear that these photos deserved a digital home accessible to all.

Glen Williams.jpg

Glen, Photographer


Plenty of history lives in the most peaceful place on Earth.

Coco Pre SPS Graduation.jpg

Coco, Founder

United States

I feel like my work serves a greater purpose than the here and now. I do this for our present and, more importantly, our future. 


Bridgette, Transcriber


I really enjoy transcribing tombstones and feel a connection to the people named on them.

Donate to Carib Tombstones

Our goal is to  continue to provide you with digital access of tombstones throughout the Caribbean that can be viewed wherever you are around the world from the comfort of your home or phone.


If you would like to make a monetary gift toward our efforts, please click the donate button below. We are very appreciative of all gifts received. Your contribution will be used to help advance our efforts so that we can continue to grow our website, while fulfilling our mission to preserve the legacies of our ancestors.

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