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Lost at Sea - Discovered in Barbados

In December of 2005, 55 people sailed from the Cape Verde islands (near the coast of West Africa) towards Europe, in pursuit of a new life in a new world. Unfortunately, none made it to their destination.

In April of 2006, 4 months later, 11 bodies of young men were discovered on a boat that drifted into the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. The men were originally from Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Gambia.

The vessel discovered in Barbados carrying 11 young men.

10 of the 11 young men departed were buried in Westbury Cemetery, located in Bridgetown, Barbados. In their memoriam, a tombstone was erected which reads:

"In Memoriam. To our brothers, lost at sea, in their pursuit for a better life. 55 souls, left Cape Verde, Christmas, 2005. 11 lifeless bodies found in Barbados, April 2006. 10 buried in Westbury Cemetery. Rest in peace. Ndaje Senegal Association."

Carib Tombstones dedicates this post and the tombstone photo in memory of the lives lost during this voyage.

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