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Why Tombstone Images Matter

Tombstones mark the location our ancestors/loved ones were buried. They are typically engraved with pertinent information such as the deceased person’s name, birth date, death date and kind words to and about the deceased from the living. As time goes on, tombstones eventually become weather-beaten and, depending on the structure, begin to deteriorate until their words are no longer legible. Carib Tombstones’ mission is to digitally preserve the legacies of our ancestors by capturing an image of each tombstone and making them available for your viewing.

I invite you to learn more about your ancestors through the power of photography. For some of us, the only tangible memory left of our ancestors/loved ones are their tombstones. Their legacies continue to live on through each one of us, and it is our duty to preserve their memories and honor their existence. 


Carib Tombstones Founder

How to Use Your Tombstone Images:

  • Help with researching your family history (birth date, death date, etc.).

  • Add a tombstone image to your family tree.

  • Save a digitized version to your computer and include in a family album.

Benefits of Using Carib Tombstones:

  • Digitally preserve the memory of where your ancestors/loved ones were buried.

  • Visit “home” to visit a burial ground without having to buy a plane ticket.

  • View tombstones from the comfort of your home or cell phone.

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